I'm a Enterperneur 2.0, Webmaster and Filmmaker with an indicated interest in Internet business and Audiovisual. I always loved anything related with Tecnologhy, Arts, Travels and Universal Knowledged. My experience includes Blogging and Vlogging, Writing, Digital Marketing, Community Management, photography, Video/Sound Recording, Web development, Programming and graphics, Server Administration (Linux), Audiovisual Production. I have over 4 years of freelance experience. I started to creative production at a very young age, most of my skills and knowledge are self taught. I'm always keeping an eye on the latest trends over Tecnologhy and Arts (especially the world of cinema).


2016 2017



Taking a sabbatical year looking for a work experience outside of what is the Audiovisual and Technological world I decided to assume the commitment to perform a position in the state, as responsible for access to information in the institution that governs the programs and social policies aimed at the elderly, I can say how pleasant it is to have served the country in that regard.

2014 present

LNC Digital Media

VP Internacional & CTO

It is a digital audiovisual production company dedicated to the creation of content, (Live Stream, Commercial Advertising, Video Clips and Videos for Social Networks), based in North Carolina, we offer the flexibility to work remotely, among other facilities offered by the Internet.-

2014 present


Producer & StreamMaster

It is an Internet Channel dedicated to the publication of varied content, the purpose of this project is essentially to highlight and give participation to Spanish-speaking talents, visit LatinosNCTV “La Televisión de Hoy”

2010 2015



First I worked part-time (six hours), every day of the week, in the second half of 2014, I preferred to switch to the night shift (twelve hours), every three nights, in order to advance my academic studies …

2008 present



I was always interested in Internet projects, which is why I have been doing experiments since 2010, trying to launch a known project. After so many attempts, whether due to lack of resources, experience or promotion, I am standing here, ready for a new adventure…


2012 2017

Audiovisual Production

Professional Producer


2008 2012

System Engineering

Technical Grade




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